Michael B. Palillo: Personal Injury Expert

For over 30 years, Michael B. Palillo has been providing skillful assistance to residents of New York State. With a specialty in personal injury, including trial practice, Michael B. Palillo has worked with a wide variety of cases, from injures resulting from car, motorcycle, or pedestrian accidents to injuries caused by a fall or even a dog bite. 

Although Michael B. Palillo accepts incredibly diverse cases, he has still enjoyed remarkable success throughout his career. Michael B. Palillo has won multiple verdicts for his clients and has obtained millions of dollars in settlements.  Thanks to this widespread success, Michael B. Palillo has established a reputation for being able to successfully represent any type of personal injury case. As he works with a clients, he does everything he can to resolve all legal issues.

In order to serve more people, Michael B. Palillo now has several offices conveniently located in New York City. Although these offices serve residents and visitors in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx,  Staten Island and we are also able to provide expert legal assistance in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Michael B. Palillo is also equipped to offer assistance in a variety of other types of legal cases besides personal injury cases. For instance, our office also specializes in Workman’s Compensation, Real Estate, Social Security Disability Benefits, Wills and Trusts, and Business and Commercial Transactions. In each of these fields, you can count on our team to provide insightful, experienced assistance.