Real Estate

The process of buying or selling a home can be confusing and challenging if you don’t have an experienced representative. There are number of things to consider before you buy a new home, co-op or condominium. For instance, you need to know prior to signing a contract that the seller has made all structural changes by obtaing a valid permit, that there is no enviornmenatl concern for the health of your family, and if there will are any boundary line disputes with any adjoing landowers.  When selling a home, you must also be concerned if the purchasers can actually qualify for a loan, especially if the seller is buying another home.

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As you begin the buying or selling process, it is important to build a relationship with a real estate agent who you can trust. To find a reliable agent, ask your friends for recommendations and search for reviews online. Conduct interviews with several real estate agents to make sure you get along with them. If you want to enjoy complete confidence in your agent’s legal abilities, consider choosing someone like Michael B. Palillo who has vast legal experience as well as a keen eye for real estate. Michael B. Palillo can even save you money on real estate broker's commissions if you contact him prior to signing with an agent.